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Connecting, building and designing the IoT solution that fits your needs

It's all connected with Everythings, using cloud technologies combined with embedded hardware and software expertise to design, build and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions that fit your business/product needs.

How can we help

Building and creating an IoT Solution can be challenging. You need the proper expertise in multiple areas to create the hardware, infrastructure, and software required for your device and its surrounding applications. But also, the materials and connections to create a prototype and eventually produce the final product. 

This is where Everythings can help, as we provide core services to help you digitalize and connect your projects, products, and business. Depending on your requirements and goals, we will find the best tailored fit.

IoT Expert Consultancy
At Everythings we customize our way of working according to your needs. Whether you require a fully managed project…
Prototyping as a service
Have a great idea? A process to optimize but are you unsure that it could or will work? Don’t have the resources or experience to…
Outsourced & Co-Creation
We build end-to-end solutions with of the shelf components or custom build devices depening on the requirements…
Workshops & Audits
As Everythings believes that IoT can be a fit for almost anyone, we offer extensive audits and workshops where we help…

The added value we bring

Everythings' mission is clear: helping you to build the IoT solution that fits your needs, improving your customer experience, optimizing existing business processes, … we got you covered. 

Building end-to-end solutions, specific use cases, or jumping in based on where you are in your current digital transformation. We create everything from basic MVP to full high-quality projects while providing automation, end-to-end testing, monitoring, and other important services.

Everythings is an engaged partner who works closely with you and for you to find the perfect solution.


How can we help?

Project, R&D or Consultancy ... we got you covered!


Knowledge sharing

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Customize your AWS IoT Gateway authentication

The technologies

Everythings works with numerous technologies to provide state-of-the-art IoT Solutions. We are firm believers of the serverless approach on public cloud providers and using the right tool for the job. 

We are flexible and eager to discover and work with new technologies as we continuously stay up to date.

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